Sunday, October 2, 2016

'Sully': the movie, the man and the message

Forget it if you think the film Sully is just about heroics, about a marvellous hero of a guy who landed his plane on the Hudson River with 155 souls on board and saved every one of them.
Captain 'Sully' Sullenberger
Sully is an astounding, unbelievable hero to those people and will always be a hero to you and me and the world. But the surprise is the film quickly has you realising: No, of course - that does not mean he was a hero in his own eyes - to himself.
Greatest of all the pressures on him that followed the sensational death-defying drama were the fearful self-doubts that threatened to drown him metaphorically. Sully had to find his own answer to who is really is, and what he had actually done, not just on the Hudson, but with his life.
In this fine, gripping film, Sully arrives at his unheroic answer that is world famous, and at once a comfort - and the challenge - to us all. Don't miss it. 

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